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MD  -  MBA  -  FACS  


I'm a Trauma & Acute Care Surgeon who helps coach teams to excellence inside & outside the hospital.  Training includes Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, Abdominal Transplantation, Healthcare Administration, and Statistical Process Control.  All of that means I know how to help teams improve quality of care via using their data and by blending my expertise with theirs.   

Book me for an in person training session with your team here.


​I enjoy helping patients, working with teams to see our data, and focusing teams on attaining excellence.


Why have a website with my name on it?  This allows me to help make sure the use of my name online is ok, and it serves as a hub to link together the work I do with a podcastsocial media, speaking, and a blog.   




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This startup team looked to improve on the classic locums model by focusing on quality and meaningful participation in the center's quality improvement process.  The team designed in some distinct features for competitive advantage.  Exited company in 2014.    

Here, we deployed statistical process control and greatly improved quality in the Section of Trauma & Acute Care Surgery.  Couldn't be prouder of this team and the surgeons involved.

The George Washington University was a great educational experience that I'd recommend to anyone with an interest in the business of Healthcare.

Medical School was exciting and challenging.  MCP-Hahnemann (now Drexel School of Medicine) gave me the direction and interest to pursue Surgery.

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